Emilia Clarke
"It does not take much to get a first impression of someone. On this site you will find a few images, voice notes, a few links and a handful of ideas. By no means is this a complete picture. Let's say it is an experimental space where you can scratch the surface of who I am and aspire to become."
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Welcome to my Website. Find below a short welcome voice message with a few words about this place.

You may wonder where I have all these cool photos from? Well, I actually had a photoshoot in 2019 and I did get a wide selection of fantastic pictures that I have extensively used all over my online presence. I would actually like to repeat that experience sometime soon in a different setting. The photoshoot has taken place in Geneva, Switzerland, just next to the United Nations.

I am currently using the following social networks. On Instagram you will find additional selected moments from my private life. I firmly believe that context is really important, and I am using Instagram to allow for anyone to have a sneak-peak into what I am doing in my leasure time. I am trying to keep it somewhat neutral in order keep the account accessible to the public. LinkedIn is my source of information on business trends in my areas of interests such as for example marketing and technology. While I am using Twitter, I prefer to separate from my main identity for now and therefore you will not find a link here.