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Hi. My name is Feraz.

Born in Moscow, I also have Middle Eastern origins. I grew up in the German part of Switzerland and completed my business studies in Geneva. For my first work experience, I traveled to Dubai just to come back and join a Geneva based financial services company.

A few years later I rediscover my passion for everything digital and started one internet project after the other. I learned – I failed, I succeeded.

Currently, I work for an education management company based in Montreux where I specialize in digital marketing.

However, I am still doing a lot of cool stuff in my free time.

My current passion is digital currency mining and trading and I am still involved in affiliate marketing. I am also very interested in general self-development and self-actualization.

Visit my story-based LinkedIn profile to learn more about me


Just below you will find my Instagram feed. I am trying to update it regularly and it is important to me to keep it as authentic as possible.

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