Progress is not Linear

Note to myself on progress

Progress is like the finanicial markets. Most gains are made in a handful of days out of the whole year. The problem is, you do not know which once. You have to keep holding on to those assets to benefit from price appreciation in the long run. 

The same is true with progress in almost any area. The progress is seldom evenly distributed over time. Very often you struggle for a long time in order to have small breakthroughs “out of nowhere” and suddenly. Change happens in sprints, followed by longer periods of stagnation.  Try not to lose faith and patience while waiting for the next burst.

This is closely tied to ideas around momentum and resistence, where when things go well, they tend to continue to go well, and it take less effort to sustain a positive development. While when one faces resistence the time and/or effort required to move to the next level of momentum can be exhausting physically and mentally.