Starting a blog: It’s not about a single post

Sharing Ideas on your Website

Note to myself on starting a blog

There is no perfect way of starting a blog. It is not about a single post, it is about the aggregate of posts over time. Completeness and ideals are mental constructs. Any start is a good start. Some people will like your stuff others won’t. That is to be expected. There is a reason why there are more than 1 car brand and more than 1 artist on this planet. 

I have learned this by observing my own behavior. From time to time, I will find a piece of content that just resonates with me and I want to consume every other bit of content I can find from that author.

I guess there are different frequencies people operate on, and some either tune in or not. But if you do not put anything out there, nothing will happen in the first place. I have been blown away by certain people’s ability to put out far from error-free content online and achieve success.

It’s not about that one piece of content. It’s about the blog, the collection of posts.

Often a single sentence can take you in a new direction, plant a seed in your mind.

The objective of my content should not be to provide a resource complete in itself. It should serve as a pointer in a direction I would take. It is up to the audience to decide what they will do with it. 

The mind, in pursuit of its objectives, will be able to complete the puzzle from multiple sources. The question is, do you want to be part of that content discovery puzzle?