I did not understand Twitter for years

Twitter and I

As a digital marketing professinal I always had insecurities about the fact that I did not use Twitter. Not only  did I refuse to use it, I literally did not understand what the value of it was. Well, a few weeks ago, things totally changed for me in this regard. Right now, I spend more time on Twitter than I should, way more. I finally got it. Looking back, I realize that they way I was using social media until now was incompatible with the way Twitter works. I was mostly developing social profiles for personal branding. I used social media as a stage to perform on. However, Twitter is really much more powerful in putting ideas outthere into the world with the expectation to engage others. I order to do so, however, I needed to become passionate about at topic so that I was willing to engage with people. Now once I have found another passion, Twitter is the best place to learn what is going on and to be found by like-minded people