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An interview with myself.

About Feraz

So what kind of information could one possibly share on a personal website that is available publically? Good question. Well, considering the fact that we are all sharing much more then we used on social media, I guess I have to offer a little more than the usual, to reward your curiousity.

However, I do want to save the best stuff for in person connections. Consider everything on this page additional fun facts and random insights for the sake of getting a better but definitely an incomplete picture. I think, you get it.

The FAQ format seems to be an obvious choice here, with short and crispy replies to my own questions. 

How young are you? How young do you feel?

My year of birth is (last days of) 80. So at the time of putting this together I am 38 years young. I feel like I am 31 or so.

Where are you from?

Born in Moscow, I also have roots in Jordan. I grew up in the Swiss German part of Switzerland and I moved over the Romandie beginning of 2000. Since then I have left on various occasion but I am currently back in the French speaking Switzerland.

Why do you live in Geneva and where have you lived before?

This story goes way back. I initially planned on joining a university in the United States after completing my high school degree in St.Gallen. However, things changed unexpectedly and I had to stay on Swiss soil.

I picked Geneva for my studies back in 2000 as an alternative solution. It was probably the furthest away from where I grew up in the canton of St.Gallen while still being in Switzerland. It was almost like studying abroad.

I have since then left Geneva several times but eventually I came back for professional reasons and possibly in the search for something else.

I have lived in Moscow, in Amman, in Dubai and all across Switzerland.

What languages to do speak?

I speak German, Swiss German, Russian and English. Some people think that I speak French and I am doing my best to support their illusion. Well it depends on the day and the topic. Do I speak Arabic? I could probably survive but I would not call that speaking.

Are you married and do you have kids?

I am single and available. And no, I do not have a family in some distant country. I have changed locations a lot in the past years and I am using this as an excuse for now. But things might change quickly. Call me if you are "nice" girl.

What do you do for a living?

When I left university, I wanted to be part of the financial industry. After a few years, the passion for the markets eventually faded away. However, a new passion found its way into my life. Digital marketing. Since 2010 I consider myself a digital marketer and the current digital transformation of the global economy supports my choice.

What are you passionate about?

These are difficult questions! 
I am recently going through a significant transformation. Well, life is a gigantic transformational journey in itself, however, for me the current period seem to be particularily significant. I have found my passion to be in this transformational journey. Yes, I also have/had other passions. One is definitely my professional interest in a broad variety of digital marketing disciplines and until not too long ago I was very deeply interested cryptocurrency. Probably a leftover from my early passion for the financial markets that has found a way to manifest itself again for a while.

What is a good quote?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

What place would you like to visit next that everyone has been to except for you?

Hm. New York, Rome and a million other places.

Give me 2 influencers that had an impact on you

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Garry V. Check out my book recommendation list for more.

What is a good advice for the 20 year young self?

Winning the short-term game is meaningless, if you lose the long term game. Winning the long-term game, requires a minimum amount of balance and diversification. Do more. Don't overthink. Smile more. It's not all about you. Everyone is busy with their own problems. Stick to your ideas for as long as you want but execute on more of them at the same time. Try new stuff all the time. Learn to let go of the past. Immediate gratification seeking is a trap. Success is built in more than 24 hours. And a million more.

What do you think about meditation?

In 2015 I learned how to meditate and my first session was a success. Over the last years I have struggled to be consistent, however, it is a fixed item on my daily to do list today. I would like to break my currently barrier in the depth that I am reaching right now but I am definitely aware of the positive effects from switching off the rather annoying analytical mind.

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